Simple Switches

Thinking about going vegan or maybe you are just looking to make a few healthy switches.  Here are some products that we love and find ourselves using on the regular...

This is a tasty butter substitute, whether it is for your toast or for baking!

We have found that we prefer almond milk over soy milk, but we suggest that you try a couple of different types to see what suits you.  We keep plain on hand for cooking and vanilla for our cereal and granola.

In general we are huge fans of Bob's Red Mill products.  We highly suggest that you check them out.  This one is keeper because it works AMAZINGLY well as an egg substitute when baking.  Mix 1 TBS of meal with 3 TBS of water, whisk until foamy, let it sit for ~2 minutes, and you've got yourself an egg my friend.

Super-food indeed!  This pasta is high in fiber, contains protein, is gluten free, and tastes better than your everyday pasta.

Cheese is a tough one to duplicate, but so far we've liked daiya the best.  The texture is creamy and it melts nicely. It has been really very tasty on tacos and chili. Something to note is that just because a cheese is "soy" does not make it vegan.  Be sure to read your labels.  

Emily is not a fan of yogurt in general (it's a texture thing), but Amanda LOVES this!  She tried several brands and types of yogurt substitutes from almond to soy, but this beats the competition by a long-shot.  It's rich and creamy without that yogurt tang.

This was hard news for us, so please brace yourselves...most chocolate is not vegan.  Bummer...right?  Fear not, Trader Joe's comes to the rescue with their semi-sweet chocolate chips.  They are so good!  Perfect for chocolate covered strawberries and for making cookies.  We have found a few other brands that are tasty, but not nearly as affordable.

Boca Crumbles are by far the closest thing you are going to find to ground beef that doesn't moo and tastes great!

Ummm...bacon...need we say more?

I know for some of you this will be the scariest thing you will try, but trust us...this Tofu business is the BOMB!  It is high in protein, calcium, and low in fat. It can be prepared in a million ways, you never have to worry about it being under-cooked, and it is a chameleon of flavors.  Emily will have to write a post soon with some quick tips for prepping Tofu.  She's becoming the master.

Last on our cream!  Trader Joe's Soy Creamy Cherry Chocolate Chip is Amanda's pick while Emily is a Tofutti Cuties fan.

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